Step 1: Navigational Hiearchy
Before any web site is designed a navigational chart should be designed. This navigation chart will layout the proposed site page hierarchy. This allows clients to see how the site will be laid out before the project begins.
Step 2: Proof of Concept
In this step, various designs of the first page are generated and provided to the client. This allows the client to view different designs and see what is more asceticly pleasing. Initial designs are based on a market evaluation of competetors and the level of depth on the navigational hiearchy.
Step 3: Entry Page Creation
Once there is an approved proof of concept has been generated, the way has been paved for the creation of the entry page. The is the main page layout for the site, as well as the main page for the site (usually).
Step 4: Subpage creation
Based on the design of the entry page, subpages are generated for each page as defined by the navigational hiearchy
Step 5: Quality Assurance (Beta testing)
Each function and page is reviewed on multiple computers and browsers. This ensures functionality and usability of the site.

Step 6: Web Launch